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The Mummy



A few years ago, an archaeological team discovered a mummy at 22,000 feet above sea level, near the Llullaillaco volcano in Argentina. She is estimated to be 500 years old. Her frozen body is one of the best preserved Incan mummies ever discovered. Her hair is intricately braided. She looks like she is just resting. She was perfectly preserved in a frigid mountainside tomb. According to historians and archaeologists, the Incans considered it a great honor to be offered as a sacrifice to enter the realm of the gods. Young children and adolescents were often chosen as they were considered “pure”. The chosen young people would be lead up the mountain; then given large amounts of alcohol made with corn. They would also chew on coca leaves to ward off exhaustion and pain during the long mountain trek. Finally, upon reaching their destination, the sacrificial people would enter a tomb. They would be dressed in their finest clothes. The warmly dressed priests would stand by waiting for the chosen people to fall asleep; life slowing ebbing from their bodies. Then, the tomb would be sealed. The inhabitants would die slowly, painlessly in their sleep from the freezing temperature and a lack of oxygen.

I found this story fascinating and thought provoking.

What struck me was that the “chosen people” were so complacent. They laid down and died. Peacefully. No struggle. They gave up. They accepted the slow death.

I started to wonder about myself and my sisters in Christ. Are we dying the slow death? Do we look at ourselves and say, “We’ve arrived. No need to go any further.” So every Sunday, we sit in our favorite spot in church and die. It’s all very peaceful. We look like we are alive; singing the songs and listening to the sermon.

Are we so overwhelmed with our lives that we just say, “Eh, it’s good enough.”?

Are we so hurt by the past that we say, “It’s not worth the effort.”?

Are we so complacent in our comfortable lives that we say, “This is all I should expect.”?

Are we so unmotivated that we just say “I’m not going any further. I’m saved. I’m good where I’m at.”?

Are our hearts so calloused that the Spirit cannot move in us?

I’m going to reject that way of thinking. I’m going to challenge myself to breath in deep from the Holy Spirit, to continue to nourish my soul on the Bread of Life, and exercise my faith while continuing to push toward Christ. I am not going to accept mediocrity in my Christian life.

I’m refusing to become a mummified Christian.