I have been reading through the book of James and writing teaching notes for the Women of Grace Bible study at LifePoint; where I attend church. What has struck me so profoundly is James really driving home the point of “Do not be deceived” in James 1. He say it 3 times. James is saying “Don’t be deceived and think you are strong and have temptation under control. You don’t. RUN!”

All of this has come at a point in my life when I am being told of multiple people I know getting divorced because of and/or being involved in sexual sin of some kind. This breaks my heart and I know it breaks Jesus’ heart. We (I am including myself) always seem to have some sort of justification for why our particular sin really isn’t so bad. “It’s no big deal, really.” There are apathetic parents who just shrug their shoulders “Oh well, they’re going to do it anyway.” Really? We down play the damage to those around us. Never, though, have I seen such justification for sin as I have in the area of sexual sin.

The enemy is out to destroy our young people and our marriages. He is out to destroy what God created as a gift and a blessing. He is determined to pervert a beautiful act between a husband and wife. I, frankly, am angered in my spirit that we, as a church, have let him get such a foothold in our youth and our marriages. There are a lot of sins out there but this area seems to really be the area that causes the most damage to people. Sex creates a physical and spiritual connection; that when broken, causes great hurt to those involved in sexual sin.

In my reading and research I found this list of justifications or excuses that Christians, in particular, make when found to be in sexual sin.

Blind-spot tactic: “The Bible isn’t clear on the issue.”
Minimizing tactic: “Sex before marriage isn’t the unforgivable sin!”
Presumption tactic: “God will forgive me – that’s his job.”
Sola Scriptura tactic: “Where’s the verse that says it’s wrong? It’s just tradition!”
Super-Spiritual tactic: “I am free to live as the Spirit leads, and he hasn’t told me this is wrong.”
Antinomian tactic: “I don’t live by Law anymore.”
Self-Pity tactic: “I’m so weak! I can’t help it!”
Evasion tactic: “Well, we’re all sinners aren’t we? What makes me any worse than you?”
Blame-Shift tactic: “I was seduced!” or “God didn’t give me the strength to resist.”
Dualist tactic: “It doesn’t matter what I do physically. It’s the Spirit that’s important.

The longer any type of sin continues and we choose to ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit; the harder our hearts will be. The more damage will be done.
Young people, your purity is the highest, best gift to offer your bride/groom as a wedding gift. Spouses, cherish your loved one. Be faithful. If you need help; please GET IT!

God loves you and wants the absolute best for you!


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