Copy Cat!


This is my first blog post; so, don’t have high expectations. Here goes:

I have been working through Beth Moore’s Breaking Free Bible study with our women’s group at church, LifePoint. This past week, the lessons have been especially challenging, convicting and crushing. I feel a bit like a grape being squeezed to produce something beautiful and sweet. The process, however, is rather painful. Reading Exodus 20:4,5; we studied generational sin (parents & grandparents) and the effects of sin in the lives of the following generations (children & grandchildren). I have to say that this brought me to tears.

My oldest daughter, Faye, wants so badly to imitate me. She wants to learn to cook and sew and “mother” her younger siblings. Even at the tender age of 10, she is an excellent hostess. She, also, has inherited many of my not so charming characteristics. She can be stubborn, short tempered, and a busybody. Hmm…sounds very familiar. The good news is that Christ can free her (and me) from these generational traits.

I think about how my own father threw off the chains of generational sin. He grew up in a home with an abusive, alcoholic bi-polar father who was a gambler. My grandmother protected the 4 children as best she could. As a teenager, my father started recklessly driving fast cars, drinking in excess, often spending the weekend in the local jail. My grandmother was constantly on her knees praying for him. When he did come to Christ; he went all the way! At age 20, he gave his heart to the Lord, never took another drink, never gambled, never abused his children or his wife (my precious mother). In turn, the cycle of sin that started so long ago, was broken by the power of Christ. Now, my children reap the benefits and blessings of having a godly grandpa that they can look to as an example of Christian living. For this, I am thankful.

I have been challenged to refine my life in spiritual terms. To let God be in control of my mouth, my emotions, and my ministry. I want to be a righteous example to my children; not an example they are ashamed of.


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